vasim shaikh google adowrds for tech support calls

How to run Google Adwords Account for Tech Support calls?

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Google Adwords still allows you to advertise your tech support business. After months or research, brainstorming and hours and hours of talking to Google Adwords representative, I managed to finally crack Google Adwords Policy for Tech Support. You must be wondering that the last time when you spoke to Google they said that they don’t allow tech support anymore, right? If it is so, why companies like Guruaid, Orange Tech Support, etc. are successfully running their campaigns?

vasim shaikh google adowrds for tech support calls

Some basic requirements for getting your business approved on Google Adwords for Tech Support

  • Your business needs to be incorporated in USA.
  • Physical Address
  • New domain

Google Adwords policy for Tech Support is really simple, they want you to clearly state what do you do. For example, while writing ad-copy if you mention ‘Support for HP’, Google wants to know if HP has authorized you to do so? If not, you cannot mention that. Of course, HP will not allow you to provide tech support to its customers, but they let you be a reseller and support them in selling their products, right?

Becoming a reseller is easy, writing a compliant ad copy is simple, designing your website and landing page is the tricky part here. Google Adwords care less about your website and are more interested in your landing page. They want you to clearly mention each and every detail like who you are, where are you located, how much will you charge, what are your policies, terms and conditions, etc. Google wants your business to be transparent to users visiting your page.

There are different ways where you can generate calls for tech support without making Google Adwords realize that you are providing Tech Support to the customers. You just need to think outside the box.

If you want to run Google Adwords for tech support for your business, feel free to contact me. You can email me at, add me on skype – vasim.shaikh621 or call me on 9819680616. Text me and schedule an appointment.

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  1. I am interested in working with you. A friend of mine referred your name for generating calls for tech support a month back.

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