About Me

Who am I?

I am the founder of Let's Advertize - An online advertising company helping clients to generate revenue online. Throughout my childhood, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs and I always wanted to be one. At the age of 18, I started off with my career working for a contact center, but soon I realized that it was not something I can rely on for my future. Jumping call center for 2 years made me realize this is not what I want from life. So I started looking for different fields and at the same time the internet as we know it today started booming and soon everyone was one the internet. They say learning never ends and coming from Information Technology background, it was easy for me to grasp and understand the online world and within 3 years I upskilled myself to a Website Developer, Blogger, Pay Per Click and SEO expert, Conversion Rate Optimizer, Social Media Expert, Digital Marketing strategist and Google AdWords and Microsoft Certified Professional.

My journey?

It's hard to get clients when you are new and don't have past experience and work. I convinced a client to let me manage his PPC campaigns for Online Tech Support Business on Google Adwords free for first 15 days. Though I struggled first few days and did not realize that competition affects your PPC account performance to this extent. However, by the end of the week, Google Adwords campaigns were generating calls better than before. I worked day in and day out to optimize his campaigns because I was new and  I never lost hope because this is what I always wanted to do all along. So that is how I started off with my first client. As someone rightly said, the learning curve doesn't end, and even today I keep on learning new things and try to understand the ever changing market and be successful. 

What do I do Now?

Instead of finding a job on Naukri.com, I started learning about their business and soon I found out that even if I don't get a job through their website, they still make millions of rupees through their website. In just a year of my entrepreneurship, I was famous for managing PPC account for tech support and generating calls through different advertising techniques like SEO, Ad Networks, etc. Today, I am the co-owner of major tech support and online advertising business. I generate sale/leads through online marketing and design strategies to maximize their Return on Investment. 

Why blogging?

I love being and entrepreneur, but I still have a long way to go. I feel that this is just the start of meeting my real life goals. I still and will continue to do In-House partnerships with clients to help improve their online business. But my real goal in starting a blog is guiding young entrepreneur to be successful and find their way in this online marketing world. I don't know if my skills are a gift or earned but I want to use my skills to help non-profit to get more visitors to their website and help the young entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist like you to grow. 

What to expect from my Blog?

Through my journey being an entrepreneur, I have come across and tackled many obstacles and hurdles which had made me the man I am today. I would like to share my digital marketing techniques and experience that you can follow to head in the right direction. My strategies and techniques are 100% Google compliant and crafted for success. Throughout my journey being a Managing Director and Co-founder of multi-million dollar companies, I have learned that you need a role model to follow who can guide you to success. I believe my techniques will be helpful to my readers trying to reach the top and excel in this world of Digital Marketing. 


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